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There is no safe way of re-running the upgrade if you do not have a backup of your database.

Now that you have backed up your db and files you can safely upgrade your Media module installation.

That way a hot-fix can be rolled into the update before that much larger group of passive recipients receives the code.

That list includes: file_display file_type media_type media_list_type media_filter_usage cache_media_xml This can be accomplished with 'drush sql-cli' for those who aren't familiar.

Then, you use the My SQL interface to remove them, for example, 'DROP TABLE file_display;' All of the tables needed for Media and File Entity 2.x are created by their respective install and update hooks.

One Plus today started rolling out the Oxygen OS 4.1.0 update for the One Plus 3 and 3T.

The update brings Android 7.1.1 Nougat to the handsets along with a handful of improvements to core functionality.

A wider rollout will only commence once One Plus receives enough reports to ensure that there is no major show-stopping bug with the update.

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