Land registry updating registered owners

They work across different social media platforms be it Instagram, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.

Our projective is to deliver tailor-made marketing specifically designed for brands, events, products or services.

Our task is to establish an environment where opportunities for higher incomes and employment are created for resource-poor farmers alongside a thriving commercial farming sector.

To do this, we have set three major goals for policy reform: • to build an efficient and internationally competitive agricultural sector • to support the emergence of a more diverse structure of production with a large increase in the numbers of successful smallholder farming enterprises • to conserve our agricultural natural resources and put in place policies and institutions for sustainable resource use The changes we foresee for the sector are part of broader processes of rural development, which include land reform, investment in water supply and transport infrastructure, and improved social service delivery.

New Field Holdings New Field Holdings is a biotechnology company whose core business is animal assisted reproductive technologies, Animal Health, Animal Identification and data registry system.

The Animal Identification arm trades as Botswana Animal Database and has a wide variety of services including animal microchip supply and implantation of animal data management.

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These changes are also part of a process of freeing the economy from business-inhibiting aspects of regulation and state intervention.Our instrumentation technology uses measuring principles, such as ultrasonic waves, guided microwaves, vibrating level switches, capacitive, and radiation-based measurement, we offer transmitters that measure hydrostatic, process and differential pressure.Through our exclusive distribution agreements with our principals partners.They are intended to make a major contribution to achieving the aims of the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP).Evictions of people living on the land, farm murders and abuses of farm workers characterise the instability deep-seated in the rural areas.The Crown left in place the political system created under the Company.

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