Updating value in table from servlet


The following JSP code shows how to use a Table Info component and nested For Each servlet beans to render a simple table of user profile information.

User profile information is stored in a parameter named servlet bean to retrieve from the Profile Repository all user profiles that meet the targeting rules you specify—for example, all users who live in Boston and are registered members of your site.

In our previous tutorials we came across what is Dependency Injection and how to implement it in Spring using Spring DI capabilities.

We came across 'Spring DI using Setter Method' and 'Spring DI using constructor parameter passing'.

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It is everything you could want from a CRUD listing.In this particular blog we w'll come across how how to implement and use Spring DI with Setter Method, Constructor Argument passing and @annotation together in a single spring MVC application.Before we start let's take a look at overall project structure for today's discussion.Should I give reference to old html page to edit or new page or .. I know I haven't followed MVC structure but I wanted to do whole coding in single page so waiting for help.. I have html table in jsp page the loads data from database dynamically then I wan to save all data in the table into database through servlet. Now Using my first index jsp, how can I check user Name and password against the User Info data for authenticated credentials?

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