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Handsome, mysterious, terrible at conversations, Ian show up in town and immediately starts tongues wagging. Her only option is to take work with a villain and Professor Damascus Thornfield is hiring.

Charter member of the Institute of Mad Science, he grudgingly agrees to train Jane in villainy.

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*/ A.declarative('redeem Promo Code', 'click', function(event) ); /* UTILITY FUNCTIONS show Promos In Popover Render a list if promotions that will be applied to this purchase in the popover below the input box for redeeming a claim code.Mary Meryton is good at being a bad guy to the bad guys.She doesn’t fit in with the rest of her social-climbing family and has no interest in joining a team with any of their criminal fr Three Consortium of Chaos novellas based on classic love stories! And I find absurd stuff kind of stupid and childish. He said that was fine and then he did one of those smiley faces. I know whatever question I ask is going to result in an answer I don’t understand. He asked me what I did and I made a joke about writing about very important things like mascara. then we talked about my money month and he told me a friend had given him a copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and that it was good. I said ‘maybe.’ In my head I was already totting up the ways that even though we’d had a nice time, he’s not the guy for me, already over-analysing it and thinking about ‘THE FUTURE’ – such rubbish. He said he didn’t like endless texting, did I want to meet? I told him that I had a party to go to afterwards, but could see him for a couple of hours. I never know what to say to people who are in technology. We talked about that and what kind of routine he’d like to do…*/ var check For Promos And Render = function(should Show Popover) ; /* render Promo Details This is a function for checking which promotions will be applied to a purchase and render those details in the popover.

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