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We looked at the video it was really shocking,” Hallie’s father Chris Pritchard, told the site.

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Hallie Pritchard decided recently that she wanted to catch her sneaky sisters stealing things from her.

Certain sites may require you to download an app before being allowed to view their webcams.But when she she looked back at the footage, she got more than she bargained for.That’s because Pritchard, from California’s Bay area, actually nabbed a burglar: NBCBay reports that Pritchard’s camera caught a man snooping through her stuff during an open house.This group of donkeys, which includes adoption donkey, Ruby, live in the main barn and have a yard and paddock to roam freely in.Choose this webcam to see what they get up to in their barn.“I saw my chair move and I said what was that I fast forward back and I saw him come through a hall way came into my room looking through my drawers.” Hallie added.

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