Celebrities dating older men


Geena, who was 44 back in 2000 (swipe right), wed Reza in 2001 ��� when he was just 30 and she was 45 Lasting love: Hugh Jackman, 47, has been married to actress Deborra-Lee Furness, who is 13 years his senior for 20 years, proving that when you are as lucky in love as these two, age isn't the least bit important.

Call it a Daddy complex, but some women constantly pursue men that are far older and much more experienced than they are. Some female celebrities who are currently dating or are married to older men have a history of chasing men their senior, but for some, this is a totally new experience.

Are these women dating older men because they find them to be more patient, mature, gentle and laid-back than younger lovers?

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Jack Nicholson must be doing something right – because hottie Lara Flynn Boyle kept going back to the aging actor over the course of several years during the noughties.The pair were first thought to be dating in 2000, when Oscar-winner Nicholson was 63, and Boyle was just hitting 30. The consummate cougar, Jennifer Lopez, 46, is regularly snapped out with on-again, off-again beau Casper Smart who, at 28, was in grade school when her debut album On the 6 came out.Older men possess knowledge and experience about life that younger men just don’t have.Whatever the reason, these female celebrities seem to be happy, emotionally and/or financially, with their senior men.��But age really is just a number for Dynasty star Joan who has barely aged a bit since 1983 (swipe right), when she was 50 and her husband was just 18.

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