Speed dating eye contact

“I read how eye contact is decreasing and how people are losing the skills that help them to form bonds,” he explains to me.

“I wanted to put on a night that would be playful, fun and encourage eye contact.

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Speed dating, as two separate words, is often used as a generic term for similar events.

“This is not a romantic experience,” Christina Berkley says, looking around the circle at the 23 of us who signed up for her eye-gazing party. We line up our folding chairs in two facing rows—men in one, women in the other.

We sit on folding chairs in a private yoga studio on West 49th Street. “People seeing me cry.” “Attention.” “When a woman kisses my cheek or bites my neck,” says Christopher. Berkley lays out the eye-gazing rules: Don’t speak. I’m not sure why my muscles tense, why I suddenly long to escape this group. Berkley differentiated between the intense stare and the soft gaze (she encouraged the latter). Carol Goman, author of The Truth About Lies in the Workplace, distinguishes between a businesslike gaze (focusing on the area between eyes and mid-forehead) and a flirtatious gaze (focusing on the span from eyes to mouth).

As I built more confidence and improved my ability to attract women during a conversation, I got to a point where at least 5 out 10 of the women would tick on their forms to be able to meet me again and would then follow up with a few of them to have some casual sex.

Not all of the women are extremely beautiful at speed dating, but there are usually at least a few that are hot, cute or pretty enough to have sex with.

Plus the deepest connections I have had with my partners have been in our moments without words. I set Shhh up about a year ago and it has been buzzing ever since.” But does it work? One year in, Adam has his first Shhh Dating engagement, which isn’t bad going, all things considered, and although he does tell everyone in the room to manage their expectations if they’re hoping to find true love at the end of the night (cue: several hilariously deflated faces) he later admits to me that he’s seen some pretty strange things: “I have seen people communicate and fall in love through animal noises, people spontaneously tangoing.

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