Pirate dating service


Once you find some one you are interested in, you can write a message or send per-written multiple choice icebreaker questions.

(For better or worse, it does not analyze ways in which your personalities clash).Content creators and distributors are some of The Pirate Bay’s most vocal critics, describing the platform as a piracy haven that deprives artists of their income.However, in recent times criticism of the site has expanded to include one of the site’s founding members.According to the news site Tech Crunch, the world’s largest Bit Torrent tracker, The Pirate Bay has launched a dating site.The news site Tech Crunch reports that the people behind The Pirate Bay have joined forces with online dating service Meezoog and started a dating service known as the Pirate Date.We'd love for your group or team to help usher in this new era by hosting your event at our facilities. Stay in the very same rooms as Pittsburgh Pirates professional baseball players.

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