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She inhales deeply — or takes a “rip,” as the accompanying hashtag, “#bongrips,” suggests — and blows a cloud of smoke into the camera. In another video captioned, “Wake n bake,” she lights a blunt, lets smoke billow out of her lips, and pulls her pink leopard print robe to the side.

She’s also posted photos of marijuana packed tightly into a glass pipe and an array of edibles along with a shoutout to her weed dispensary of choice.

Second, these ladies work under grueling conditions, at least as far as hair and makeup longevity go.

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In one of porn star Kendra Sunderland’s recent Instagram videos, she’s wearing a see-through lace bodysuit with an above-the-hip “Baywatch” cut.

” Almost immediately, the 35-year-old is then seen panicking as the shark approaches, and is next seen grasping her bloody foot as she is lifted back up to safety after being bitten.

Needless to say, the shoot was then cancelled as Molly was rushed back to shore.

According to Camsoda, who were running the shoot, Cavalli was attacked by a lemon shark – although they are not usually thought to be a large threat to humans.

Speaking out on her Instagram account after the attack, Molly said she was ‘totally fine’.

Setting your makeup: If you're engaging in an activity where your makeup is likely to run, always use a finishing fixative spray after you apply. "If you practice applying them with tweezers, it's easy." Solidifying your fake tan: To fake a bronze glow without the mess, streakiness, and commitment, Haze likes to mix a temporary bronzing cream with her moisturizer.

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