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By way of analogy, she says that when a 40-year-old is an alcoholic, the issue is not that he was exposed to alcohol at 21.

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Now Sean Parker, of Napster and Facebook fame, is bringing the random video chat magic back in the form of Airtime.Her favorite moral panic, she tells me, is the panic over sewing machines, which concerned itself with women rubbing their legs on the machines as a threat to their purity. A friend tells me he worries about his sweet 12-year-old son being somehow transfigured by Internet pornography.Will he come across this stuff and turn into some kind of monster?Chatroulette is finally adding some new features to its ultra-simple video chat format.Two new theme-specific areas are now on offer: Localroulette automatically routes users to specific location-based channels according to IP address, and Channelroulette lets users set up their own channels based around chosen themes.Better than other apps like Omegle or Chatroulette!

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