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Speed dating is a fun, friendly and easy way to meet new like-minded singles in your area.

There is nothing worse when meeting someone for the first time then that awkward silence after greeting each other. Here's a few more conversation starters: These simple ideas will get the conversation flowing and you will find out what the other person is interested in. People who talk about themselves too much often come across as being boring and conceited. You make a good first impression and avoid the embarrassment of having to ask later, or having to introduce them to someone else not knowing their name. People respond well to the sound of their own name. An open-ended question is one that does not require a specific answer, and prompts them to continue or to tell you more.These fantastic nights are great fun and because they are bigger, that means better matches. Simply Speed Dating is known to offers fun, friendly and affordable speed dating events at some of Sydney's most stylish bars and clubs.At our event, you can expect up to 14 mini-dates in one night! We have experience in dating that has helped us refine our methods.Location: Sydney, NSW Married: September 2012 We were matched on the 10th December 2011, I saw Parker’s picture and profile and thought he was cute so I sent him an ice breaker.Due to the time difference he was asleep but by the time I woke up the next morning he had sent one back.We’ve developed a smart and interactive way to meet potential partners and or make new friends.

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