Video game fan dating

Beyond the classic features of a dating site, is offering previously unseen 100% geek plugins!

From your dashboard, follow the newsfeed from our partners, specifically chosen for their geeky orientation. Going through daily quests, you can become King or Queen of Geeks.

NOTE: Some guests may charge additional fees for an autograph. If you don’t know, all you have to do is ask…and you shall receive!

The pros will be here to answer all your questions about the industry and to talk about their latest projects. Indie meets pro in this special area where you will find all of your favourite pencillers, inkers and writers.

Video Games, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Comics, Manga or TV Series; knowledge is at your fingertips! If you want to chill out between two chats, check our Web TV filled with the best shows from our web partners!

Other viewing your profile will also be able to see your Konkatsuryoku, or Marriage Potential Power Level, a numerical value of how compatible your two profiles are.

First date or singles party conversations can be pretty stale.

With no pre-established points of common interest, many people end up talking about work or meteorology, but the unfortunate thing is that often it’s our most unique and distinctive passions that make us compelling and attractive in the eyes of like-minded individuals.

But is also dedicated to any single person looking for a soul mate.

Being either a Star Wars or a cosplay fan, you’ll certainly find people sharing your pastimes.

The event is specifically being held for single anime fans, with its promotional text inviting participants to “Have fun talking about this season’s anime, anime from the past, anime songs, and voice actors!

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