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As of this writing, the dizzyingly talented R&B star has the No.1 song in America ("The Hills.") He recently scored Spotify's official "song of summer," ("Can't Feel My Face"). And he's dating one of the hottest young models in the game.Why do we want to believe the excuses a partner makes when they’re treating us badly? Especially when we’re looking for something — anything — to help make sense of how the person we care for is acting toward us.It’s normal to want to rationalize what’s going on, because abuse is pretty irrational.

They use excuses to make you feel like what’s happening is your fault.

As Tesfaye notes, "I thought I'd be a punk star—grow my hair out, acne on my face, super-fucking-skinny.

I was looking at artists like Iggy Pop and the Ramones, or Afropunk. And then it's like, ' Inspired by artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, Tesfaye has been growing out his signature hairstyle for four years, maintaining it with nothing more than an occasional hard shampoo.

You tell a friend that you’re busy with something else because you’d rather just put your feet up and watch the game.

You tell yourself that eating that pint of ice cream was fine because you went running the day before so that cancels it out. When it comes to people making justifications about their unhealthy actions, it can be difficult to see through these excuses or recognize them for what they are.

Jet black fakeys have been glued to her fingernails, but they’re in ruins – bitten away.

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