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"When trust has gone in a relationship, it's very hard to get it back again and I trusted him 100%.

It was heartbreaking to find out I trusted someone who lied to me the whole time." Indeed, MIC has not only fuelled Binky's profile enough to help her become a beauty blogger, she's also launched her own clothing line and nail varnish range, as well as becoming the face of Rimmel Sun Shimmer.

Another 'Made In Chelsea' couple have bitten the dust - Ollie Locke has revealed he has split from girlfriend Ashley James. "Bisexuality is me and that will always be the case. I get so many tweets every day telling me to come out of the closet.

The bisexual star has blamed his lack of libido, explaining to Star magazine that their romance "just didn't work out". We ended up arguing over silly things and it basically just didn't work. I've tried to push myself to be gay, but then a beautiful woman comes up to me and wants to have sex with me, and I can't say no!

She says of Alex, her voice faltering: "I think he felt, 'Do I actually need or want to be in a relationship? When you love someone, it's not easy to turn it off.

Despite recent problems, Spencer announces that him and Louise are still in a solid relationship but he’s not happy when he finds out that Andy has tried it on with her.

Elsewhere, back in Chelsea, Richard shows off his new girlfriend Ianthe, and Ollie decides to change his lifestyle and even gets his hair cut.

Have Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead and Jamie Laing broken up with their on screen partners?

Binky and Jamie are both in serious relationships according to the show.

The series saw the arrival of several new cast members including Andy Jordan, Ashley James, Carly Rothman, Sam Cussins, Sophia Sassoon, the rivalry between Millie and Victoria increasing, the brief reconnection between Gabriella and Ollie, and the rocky relationship between Spencer and Louise until the revelation that he cheated on her.

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