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Acquisition refers to the introduction of new information into the brain.

Consolidation represents the processes by which a memory becomes stable.

The equity and proportional consolidation accounting methods are distinguished from one another by how a company's balance sheets and income statements report control in regard to joint ventures.

The equity method and the proportional consolidation method are accounting treatments used when two companies are part of a joint venture.

What sets Airtable apart from ordinary spreadsheet applications is its ability to link related concepts together.

Knowing how to represent the relationships between different groups of objects can take some practice—but by learning about the different types of relationships, you can create powerful bases that more accurately represent the complexities of your data.

Joint ventures are commonly used to invest in foreign and emerging market economies.

Joint ventures offer an expedient way for companies and individuals to pool knowledge, expertise and resources to accomplish a potentially lucrative deal while decreasing each party's exposure to risk.

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Molaison lost the ability to encode and consolidate newly learned information leading researchers to conclude the medial temporal lobe (MTL) was an important structure involved in this process.

The joint venture is its own enterprise, separated and set apart from any other business deals or interests in which the partnered individuals and companies are involved.

The equity method of accounting is used to determine the net income generated from the joint venture partnership in proportion to the size of a company's respective investment in the venture.

Suppose you have a list of competitors in a figure skating competition.

For each pair of individuals competing in a pairs skating event, their relationship is one-to-one, since each partner only has one other partner.

In the context of an Airtable base, a one-to-one relationship is usually best represented by consolidating the two lists of information together into a single table, using two fields.

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