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buffy musical sing along with nicky brendon doing the snoopy dance and singing!

It was nice to make things right, and I went to prom and actually had a good time in the TV world - the real world wasn't so much fun.

Click on a title to look inside that book (if available): by Rosemary Guiley Buffy the Vampire Slayer 47 Nicholas Brendon (Xander): Born Nicholas Brendon Schulz on April 12, 1971, in Los Angeles.

Brendon has a twin brother, Kelly Donovan Schulz, and during the summers Brendon often grows a goatee so that ...

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Brendon comments, "Every day I still have to remind myself to slow down and concentrate.

Nicholas Brendon Schultz is an American actor born in Los Angeles, California on April 12th, 1971.

He is best known for playing the role of nerdy chum Alexander "Xander" Harris on the popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

by Horace Newcomb, Lambdin Kay Distinguished Professor for the Peabody Awards Horace Newcomb Sharon Marie Ross Cast Buffy Summers Sarah Michelle Gellar Willow Rosenberg Alyson Hannigan Xander Harris Nicholas Brendon Spike James Marsters Rupert Giles Anthony ...

Nicholas Brendon San Diego comic con 2014 little language sorry!

Constant repetition of tongue-twisters was like lifting weights for me, but patience and persistence have paid off." He gave up acting after two years because he "couldn't stand the politics in Hollywood." Brendon returned to school to study medicine, which didn't work out; he also tried his hand at a variety of odd jobs, including plumber's assistant, veterinary janitor, day care counselor, waiter, and production assistant for the television show Dave's World.

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