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Parents need to know the dangers behind handing over an internet connected device without enabling the parental controls.

If parents don’t monitor their child’s use of mobile devices, their child might download and use an app where they are connecting with adults right around the world.

They might be uploading videos and photos of themselves to the internet without your knowledge, and could potentially then be a victim of cyber bullying or a predatorial experience.

If your child is under 13 years of age, you should consider having at least some parental controls on their mobile device enabled.

It's lack of compatibility with Windows or Andriod OS is unfortunate - but Face Time is a global success regardless.

Circle has included popular online platforms that help make filtering the content easy.

The Platforms that are available for customization differ by Filter Level, with Pre-K being the most restrictive and Adult being the most expansive.

Circle currently supports the following default Platforms across the various filter levels: Additionally, Circle watches many other platforms, but does not display them by default in the list.

When they are visited by a device connected to your Circle, they will automatically join the list.

With some children as young as 4 years old receiving i Pods, computer tablets, and some parents thinking of giving their young child a smart phone.

Some of the apps I’ve highlighted below are very popular with children under 13 years of age.

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