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I know what you're thinking: he's doing one of those blogs where they do a couple of posts, come up with a homely 1950's look, and then lose interest.Except I couldn't bring myself to do a normal blog like Word Press or Blogger. And if you are reading this, then it is still working, and I am still updating it. It's easy, you just click Ctrl-d, or is that those older browsers? I've also tried setting Automatic Updates to on, but "Every 50 weeks" but it still does it every time it seems.If you can help out on this one, it's be mighty appreciated. In case you are still tired of Click Once, here's an open-source solution I wrote to address specific needs we had for Win Forms and WPF apps. As I am opening the doors for business I am still updating the site with new products everyday.

Generally if you play well you can get kills without ignite anyways, it just limits your offensive options a bit.

It is also highly flexible, and lets you determine what tasks to execute and on what conditions - you make the rules (or use some that are there already).

Last by not least is the support for any updates source (web, Bit Torrent, etc) and any feed format - whatever is not implemented you can just write for yourself.

Solution, done this a couple of times now and I believe has been said previously but not in a topic-Ctrl Alt Delete Task Manager Disable or quit out of the program running called - This will restart the ping and you should be good to go! So far I've simply been directed to this page:'ve made sure the system was up-to-date, checked firewall availability, disabled anti-virus, and even checked for the suggested "Agent.exe" and nothing has come up. I deleted the folder, compatability, basic windows theme etc...

The next thing I am going to do is simply uninstall and reinstall as Foxtrap suggested. THIS worked for me: Proxy settings on your system can also block access. Its simply DISGUSTING to see that AFTER months and months of reports and issues this unbelievable application still have this freezing problem, is incredible how incompetent Blizzard can be regarding this application....

Anyway, despite having: 1) Publish | Updates: "The application should check for updates" OFF (though I do have an Update Location which I believe is required for manual updates).

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