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We've had a lot of ups and down, and trust me personally, I appreciate the downs more than I appreciate the ups.

As soon as I saw how successful BET’s “The New Edition Story” was on social media, I figured that any and all media companies who’ve had biopics in development would get the greenlight and go full bore. ”, K-Ci and Jo Jo in rehab on reality television, erratic behaviors, violence, robberies, etc. This piggybacks off the first one, but to be a Jodeci fan is to know their backstory already. Sure they released an album in 2015, but let’s just not talk about that ever again. He’s in damn near every major biopic that comes out nowadays. Because “Cry 4 You” is one of the greatest videos ever made and I need to see them recreate it. Panama Jackson is pretty fly (and gorgeous) for a light guy. Not even a Wes Anderson joint, but something you might see as part of a museum exhibit before you head to the dinosaur section.

After singing "Meeting in the Ladies Room", they receive a mixed reception, mostly in part due to Crystal's ill-fated off key performance.

However, both Tionne and Lisa garner interest from both Perri "Pebbles" Reid (Rochelle Aytes) and her husband, co-founder of La Face Antonio "L. After receiving the good news from both Pebbles and L. Reid, Lisa decides that she should call her family in Philadelphia and tell them the great news, especially her father, who told her that she would never make it as a rapper.

"Forever My Lady," Jodeci's first album introduced us to two sets of brothers, all equally gifted, with roots based in the church. We had like 0 amongst us because it was four of us and we spent that by the time we got to New York. (laughs) K-Ci & Dalvin: (laughs) That was a real exciting memory! Dalvin: I think as far as the music, we came out and redefined the sound of R&B at the time.

Jodeci maintained a firm handle on what a good love song was for the R&B/Hip Hop generation. We've not seen Jodeci in quite some time, what have you been up to? You've seen us, you've heard we've been doing our thing. So by the time we got to New York we were broke and we checked into a hotel and we were like, "We gotta get a deal the next day." So we looked in the yellow pages and found our favorite record company, went up there and got signed actually the same day. Everybody thought, (before they saw us) that we were a lot older than what we were because we had a really mature sound. Dalvin: That's right, not dissing it, cause I love Teddy Riley ever since dirt, but we didn't fall into a category like a catch category as far as music.

Dalvin, got off to a bad start as they were reportedly late for their slot and then heaped further misery on themselves when one member took a fall off the stage.

Phic 2: The Rivalry Of A Singer and A Rapper, with appearances by Method Man, Redman, Ludacris.

He left and she lit up either a piece of cardboard or his sneakers in the bathtub in one of the five bathrooms in the six-bedroom, million dollar mansion.

She came back outside and smashed up three of his cars and drove away.

Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story is a 2013 American television biographical film about the R&B and hip hop musical trio TLC.

It derives its title from the title of the group's second album, Crazy Sexy Cool.

Stefanie: So we have K-Ci and Dalvin here, how are you guys doing today? I know that you guys are two sets of brothers, tell me how you met and how you got your deal? I think that really set us apart as a band, not just a group. Stefanie: My son who is eleven, and this is a true story, about two weeks ago came home and said that Jodeci was the best R&B group of all time. has the ability to make an impact on kids who are listening to bands like B5 and Pretty Ricky? Dalvin: Well I think it's like you said, you can put in "Forever My Lady" and it still sounds like it came out last week. It's a lot of things I like, but I just think that it's there. Not disrespecting anybody, but it's just me personally. Stefanie: You're feeling Trapped In The Closet huh? Not only that song but also you got to think about what R.

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