Alex kingston dating


I don’t go to a restaurant and let slip I’m leaving by the back door, like some celebrities."My life isn’t interesting enough for anyone to hack my phone.Alex shifted and tried to will herself back to sleep, secure in Matt's sleepy yet possessive embrace and smiling to herself at the warm feeling of him pressed against her back.

So make sure you’ve watched the episode (go ahead, we’ll wait) and then come back and read what she has to say about Dr.She plays River Song [catchphrase “Hello, Sweetie”], a time-travelling action hero, who first appeared in 2008 when she was described as “sort of the Doctor’s wife”.“I wasn’t quite sure about accepting when I was asked to do two episodes."D'you remember the first thing we shot, on that beach?""Oh yes, I'll never forget it, oh my God." Alex replied. They had been standing in this exact spot, in the exact same position, just 48 hours before, full to the brim with anticipation, when suddenly, their feet were drenched.After a series of later evening slots, Doctor Who was back to its usual tea-time place for some festive family antics – though the Christmas theme was rather brief this year.

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