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We recognize that all oppressions are connected and in no way do we want our actions to propagate other forms of oppression.

Competencies plan and execute social justice projects that support organizations efforts to end gender and sexuality injustice learn about power and privilege explore the interdependence of multiple oppressions create and execute our own projects that will work toward gender and sexuality injustices find levity and joy in this hard work spread sass and camp to the world None assigned None assigned UE - Leadership / 0.25 This teacher-parent-student committee is responsible for the fiscal decisions of Nova. It is the role of this committee to oversee the equitable distribution of these funds.

Tip: You can click on the function and event names in this tutorial to see the corresponding entry in our API documentation.Audio/Video communication is not the only thing that Web RTC enables you to do.The data channel offers a variety of use-cases, too, by sending information from one peer to another without going through a server. UE - Leadership / 0.15 Action Faction Mission Statement: As an all-inclusive committee, we work to create a safe and respectful community for all genders and sexualities.We combat sexuality and gender identity oppression by creating positive actions in Nova and beyond.Other outstanding issues at the moment include the inability to send messages to contacts that are offline; messages can be moved from desktop accounts to Android, but not in the other direction; sent messages can't be seen on multiple devices (but received messages can).

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