Sepm not updating 32 bit definitions

Fix ID: 3680595, 3682969, 3721675 Symptom: In environments with large numbers of content definition downloads, crashes.

Solution: Fixed the logic in the high-performance file download routines for Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager’s implementation.

You should only attempt these directions if you have your data backed up and are willing to risk creating additional problems.

You should also back up the Windows registry (see Windows - Backing up the Registry) before attempting any changes.

Solution: Modified File System Auto-Protect driver to avoid this deadlock.Fix ID: 3362553 Symptom: exhausts non-paged pool memory.Solution: Eliminated invalid calls that lead to memory exhaustion.New variants are harder to detect with traditional antivirus solutions.In 2007, the year Endpoint Protection 11.0.x was released, 711,912 unique malware variants were discovered.If you are not able to browse this site, it is most likely an internet connectivity issue.

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