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While many steins have been produced and marketed as collectibles, the most valuable continue to be pre-1900 German handmade steins.

Mettlach Vintage German Beer Stein #1742Mettlach Circa 1892 No.

Lately there's been renewed interest in collecting beer steins with unique designs, including reproductions of works by famous artists.

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They can be found in many styles and materials, including copper, pewter, silver, pottery, ivory, porcelain, glass and wood. The beer stein had its origins in the mid-1500's along the Rhine river in Germany, when small towns began producing functional drinking vessels decorated by enameling and glazing.

Each town or area adding their own flair or nuance.

By the 1860s, factories around Westerwald and Dresden began producing ornamental steins for display, and continued doing so until WW1, from which the industry never fully recovered.

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