Updating quantum cryptography and communications 2016

The project is headed by the founding director Henry Markram, who also heads the European Human Brain Project, and co-directed by Felix Schürmann and Sean Hill.

Using a Blue Gene supercomputer running Michael Hines's NEURON software, the simulation does not consist simply of an artificial neural network, but involves a biologically realistic model of neurons.

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The first artificial cellular neocortical column of 10,000 cells was built by 2008.

Because traditional file transfer and email protocols often lack built-in security, many legacy systems are vulnerable to security breaches.

Symantec Command Line Encryption protects critical data to ensure confidentiality and authenticity in trusted data transactions.

Symantec Endpoint Encryption protects sensitive information and ensures regulatory compliance.

It encrypts all files on the hard drive, sector-by-sector, for maximum security.

The general idea of trains or other transportation traveling through evacuated tubes dates back more than a century although the atmospheric railway was never a commercial success.

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