Backdating postage


In some cases, we can pay benefit from an earlier date, this is called backdating.

Claims for housing benefit can only be backdated for 1 month for working age claimants.

This is something that would stop a person making a claim on time.

The reasons will vary according to the claimant's particular situation.

Housing benefit or council tax reduction is usually paid from the Monday after we get your claim form.

If you can show ‘good cause’, we may be able to pay your benefit earlier than this. Good cause must be continuous for the period you want benefit backdated for.

Even customers know better than to expect tracking information for USPS First Class and Priority Mail packages—this luxury only comes from UPS, Fed Ex, etc.

When a backdated claim is made, your claim will be considered and you will be advised, in writing, of our decision.She looked over each, then stated, “These 5 cannot be shipped. The date is meaningless, but if you insist, I can mark out Sunday’s date and write in today’s date by hand.’ I picked up the pen on the counter and proceeded to change 6/6/10 to 6/7/10 on each of the rejected packages. The postmaster stepped up and had made up her mind before even looking at my packages.They have the wrong date.” As usual, I’d used Pay Pal’s Multi-Order Shipping tool to print out orders on Sunday evening. She handed me a clearly unofficial document which read: “Accepting packages that have stale ship dates on them could affect our delivery scores.However, the USPS is in financial trouble (and has been for years).Given the Great Recession, combined with ever increasing competition from alternative shipping carriers, I’d hoped that the USPS would finally step into the 21st Century, technologically. Last Monday, I stepped into a local post office and handed 6 postage-paid, domestic packages to the postal clerk.The designer of a postage meter (or franking machine, the terms being used synonymously here) faces many competing and conflicting design requirements. The postal service is understandably fixated on the danger that a poor meter design might permit someone to print postage for which the postal service is not paid.

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