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"She's not very comfortable being in her new role as the favorite, because she's really naturally very shy," the commentator said.

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1940), and her fifth husband, Al Harding (1933–2009). Her father had health problems that sometimes left him unable to work.

While she was a powerful free skater, she typically had lower placements in the compulsory figures.

Harding's breakthrough year was in 1991, where she landed her first triple axel at the U. Championships, winning the title with the event's first 6.0 ever given to a single female skater for technical merit.

They defied the laws of physics with the Pamchenko ( illegal, despite what Anton’s “final stages of Ukrainian alcohol psychosis” might say) and charmed the judges – we assume – with their will-they, won’t-they sexual tension.

Twenty years ago, the most memorable event in figure skating history -- a sordid '90s tale of violence, conspiracy, jealousy and sequined dresses -- began to unfold. 6, 1994, figure skater Nancy Kerrigan had just finished a practice session at Cobo Hall in Detroit, on the eve of the U. The Massachusetts native came from a middle-class family headed by a father who sometimes worked three jobs to pay for her coaching.

At the 1991 World Championships, she again completed the triple axel jump (becoming the first American woman to perform it at an international event) but finished second to Kristi Yamaguchi. Figure Skating Association voted to strip Harding of her 1994 title.

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