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You see someone you like, at a social setting or online, and you freeze. When you do start chatting with someone you don’t know how to keep the conversation going, or when you’re on the first date you feel awkward and lack the confidence you want to portray. Everything ends in a nasty manner and you wonder what keeps going wrong.

Then, as time goes on, conflicts arise that don’t get resolved.

ROCK OF AGES takes you back to the hard rock era of big bands with big egos playing big guitar solos and sporting even bigger hair!

This Tony Award-nominated Broadway musical features the hits of bands including Night Ranger, REO Speedwagon, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake and more.

It’s the tail end of the big, bad 1980s in Hollywood and the party has been raging hard.

Aqua Net hair spray, Lycra, lace, and liquor flow freely at one of the Sunset Strip’s last legendary venues, a place where sex machine Stacee Jaxx takes the stage and scantily clad groupies line up to turn their fantasies into reality.

We currently offer individual and couples counselling as well as group therapy & provide services via telephone, Skype or in office.

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Can Drew, Sherri and the gang save the strip, and themselves, before it’s too late?

Amidst the madness, Drew (an aspiring rock star and resident toilet cleaner) longs to take the stage as the next big thing.

Drew also longs for small-town girl Sherri, who is fresh off the bus from Kansas with stars in her eyes.

We currently offer telephone counselling to those in Calgary, as well as clients all over the world.

Clients may prefer telephone counselling for a variety of reasons including being unable to make it into our offices, convenience, comfort in their own home environment, lack of childcare, and because counselling via phone is more affordable.

Feel free to familiarize yourself with Lavalife before joining. Is there a notification system when I receive a new message?

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