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You will need to complete relevant sections of the Form 905 to notify ASIC of the change in both the principal place of practice and capacity details.Also, submitting a Form 484 to change address details for any other office held (for example: director, secretary, liquidator or member) will not update your auditor details.Having already spent the cost of a hardware Bluray player (0 ) for their software equivalent, you can imagine I'm pretty reticent about being forced to it again.What's worse is that I purchased Power DVD in November 2009, meaning I had less than 18 months of trouble free use(! Their latest version of Power DVD is 5, and Lord knows how long that would function for...!Imagine buying a CD player that refused to play CDs after a certain date. The player I believe is a viao branded version of windvd with blue ray support.If you were trying to open a Blu-ray disc, please copy all *. MPLS files from BDMV\PLAYLIST directory, also compressed with archiver program of your choice.Please send email with produced log file, compressed files, disc name and short problem description to [email protected]

Service availability | Browser requirements Use our online lodgement service to: Changing your principal place of practice address will not automatically update the address for the capacity in which you practice.

In my case, this means that many Blurays produced after May 2011 no longer work with my player.

I can't watch Star Wars, I can't watch Indiana Jones, I can't watch Prometheus, I can't watch the new Criterion remaster of Seven Samurai... Cyberlink's solution is to simply buy the latest version of their software.

Consumers are advised to check with the manufacturer of their AACS-enabled Blu-ray or HD DVD PC-based player to make sure you have installed the latest version.

The following manufacturer has provided a link to provide relevant information and facilitate consumer updating of their players: Cyber Link – publishers of Power DVD products September 7, 2007 – AACS LA Announces Commencement of “Proactive Renewal” AACS LA announces that it has started periodic “proactive renewals”, which, primarily for software player applications, provide for periodic renewal and refreshing of AACS encryption keys by licensed manufacturers and eventual expiration of old keys by This helps maintain the AACS technology as a vital means of distributing valuable high definition content to consumers.

You will have to install separately the AACS decoding library and keys (because it’s illegal) but if you’re lucky your disks might be encrypted with one of the known keys.

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