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This astronomy calendar of celestial events contains dates for notable celestial events including moon phases, meteor showers, eclipses, oppositions, conjunctions, and other interesting events.Most of the astronomical events on this calendar can be seen with unaided eye, although some may require a good pair of binoculars for best viewing.Many of these events and dates used here were obtained from the U. Naval Observatory, The Old Farmer's Almanac., and the American Meteor Society.Events on the calendar are organized by date and each is identified with an astronomy icon as outlined below.Most teens (and many adults) struggle with understanding personal revelation.It’s one of those tricky topics that can actually make us feel inadequate and disconnected from our Father in Heaven, rather than closer.

An ultralumiunous infrared galaxy known as IRAS 14348-1447 almost a billion miles from Earth slowly but savagely blends two galaxies into one. Mars as it was observed shortly before opposition in May 2016 by the Hubble Space Telescope.

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By Tony Ortega This story was originally published on September 25, 1997 in the Phoenix New Times, where today the article is presented without art and in a rather shabby state. Days later his body was sent to a military cemetery for cremation after a check on his social security number revealed that he had served in the Air Force.

We decided to find room for it here at our website where we primarily write breaking news about Scientology. For days he lingered, but doctors decided not to take the risk of operating on him. A marble headstone bearing his name was placed on a wall among the names of other cremated veterans at Point Loma’s Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.

This teaching tip focuses on helping teens understand what the Holy Ghost prompts us to do/become…rather than just how it feels.

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